Tut's Tomb - A Short WebXR Puzzle Game

September 13, 2022

Alex Swan


This was my fifth year participating in a JavaScript game jam whose limitation is to create everything in less than 13 Kilobytes of code. While the js13kGames jam was a month long, I only had time to spend a handful of nights on this project. I had to reduce scope drastically to get something submitted. I originally wanted to have eight puzzles, lots of flashy shaders, and scene changes. In the end, I submitted two complete puzzles with an additional info bubble feature which explains some of the history of Tut's tomb I thought was interesting as I researched this topic.

I'm proud that I was able to make an interaction system that worked for both WebXR Pointers as well as Mouse/Keyboard, making the game playable for both. In previous iterations, it was difficult to play in a browser without a VR headset, making the experience unenjoyable.


Play the game here


Check out the source on GitHub